I incorporate mindfulness, effective communication techniques, and unconditional positive regard that enhances personal well-being by reducing stress, increasing motivation, and encouraging creativity.


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I am an educator, mindfulness and yoga instructor and life coach for people of all ages. It is an honor to facilitate your personal transformation by empowering you to connect to your inner wisdom!

I have created a unique course called BREATHE, using brain-based learning theories that focus on fostering positive emotions. My program incorporates mindfulness, effective communication techniques, and unconditional positive regard to create a collaborative, caring community that enhances personal well-being, increases motivation, encourages creativity, and promotes problem-solving, curiosity, and creativity. These practical strategies set professionals, educators, students and all individuals up for success in every aspect of life!

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Maxine Swisa

  • Author, : BREATHE and Positive Attitude Handbook
  • M.A Teaching ESL, School of International Training
  • B.A. Wesleyan University
  • Certified Teacher Trainer, School of International Training
  • Certified Trainer Positive Neuroplasticity, Rick Hanson, Ph.D
  • Certified Yoga Instructor, National Yoga Alliance
  • Core Skills Training in Self-Compassion, Center for Mindful Compassion, Kristin Neff and Chris Germer
  • Certified Laughter Yoga Facilitator, Madan Kataria: Founder, Laughter Yoga
  • Grief Facilitator, Gerard's House
  • Advanced coursework with Deepak Chopra Dr. Joe Dispenza, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Sharon Salzburg
  • Additional courses with Gregg Braden, Bruce, Lipton, Wayne Dyer, Anita Moorjani, Roshi Joan Halifax, and others


Stress impacting success, satisfaction and quality of life?
Difficulty managing emotions?
Challenges working with people with different ideologies?
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