Spring is here!

I love spring and was inspired to write a poem. So here it is:


Ode to Spring

Spring is here, hooray, hooray!
The birds are singing; it’s a beautiful day.

The snow is melting compelling water to flow.
The flowers are blooming and will continue to grow.

Spring is a time of renewal, a time for a new start.
So follow your passion and follow your heart.

What does it mean to start, to renew?
I look up to the sky for a bird’s eye view.

I see the big picture and ponder it all.
I then go within to explore aspects so small.

The vast possibilities can feel very scary.
Yet I’ll continue to explore even when I feel wary.

The sky reminds me of infinite choices.
While I listen thoughtfully to my internal voices.

0403 Daffodil Spring Grateful

What am I seeking? Where do I go?
I look within and without to see what I know.

I want to fly in the sky and soar with the birds.
I want to fill every page with meaningful words.

As I walk on my path, I don’t always know where to go.
Yet I know to continue on the path and to grow.

I know my path leads me on my journey through life
With minimal effort and minimal strife.

On I go to find answers wherever I may.
It’s springtime again. It’s a beautiful day.

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