I have worked with participants from around the world delivering hands-on, highly interactive training programs. This approach engages the whole person and leaves everyone feeling empowered, enriched, and inspired by the experience.

We learn best when we are actively involved, both physically and mentally, in the learning process. As a successful educator, mindfulness and yoga teacher, and international trainer, I promise to engage, motivate, and inspire you during my workshops. You will gain insights and strategies that set you up for personal and professional success…. and you will have fun along the way.

Workshop topics include:

Workshops can be customized for your specific needs.

Collaboration, Effective Communication, Valuing Diversity, Cultural Competency, Stress Management, Mindfulness, Meditation, Self-Compassion, Unconditional Positive Regard, Experiential Learning, The Art of Reflection, ESL Best Practices, Laughter is the Best Medicine




* Workshops can be tailored for your specific needs.


B.R.E.A.T.H.E. to Understand

(Breathe, Reflect, Empathize, Accept, Thank, Hearten, Engage) Maxine has created a unique curriculum called BREATHE, using brain-based learning theories. It incorporates mindfulness, effective communication techniques, and unconditional positive regard in order to create a cooperative, collaborative learning community that enhances personal well-being, increases motivation, encourages creativity, problem-solving, analytical thinking and intellectual exploration, while utilizing strategies that set us up for success in all aspects of life.

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Train the Trainer

This course focuses on experiential learning methodologies and reflective teaching practices to strengthen practitioner skills. Reflective practices facilitate continual improvement for the trainer while experiential learning methodologies encourage learning by doing, which is proven to be a highly effective approach for learning. As trainers develop these strategies, they are able to come up with guidelines and action plans to enrich the training experience for both trainers and participants.

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Team-building Through Collaboration

Cooperation is an essential ingredient to a harmonious work and home life. These interactive and hands-on activities foster mutual support and strengthen a sense of community and support at work and at home.

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Managing Conflict

Working through conflict is a valuable skill to develop. By following basic guidelines that include active listening and compassionate communication techniques, you will learn how to manage conflict and improve interpersonal relationships.

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Compassionate Communication

Every human has challenges and moments of struggle in their lives. When we begin to understand this as part of the “human condition” and our interconnectedness with each other, we are able to feel more empathy which leads to greater compassion and understanding. This workshop focuses on the use of language that fosters more compassion in our professional and personal relationships.

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Intercultural Understanding

We interact with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds on a regular basis. Through the exploration of personal and group cultural identities, investigating similarities and differences, and considering the reasons behind certain cultural practices, participants gain greater insights and a deeper understanding for the richness of diversity in our lives. The language of tolerance and the celebration of diversity make this workshop a personally and professionally rewarding experience for all. Join this experiential workshop to promote inquiry, develop curiosity, experience cultural nuances, and find commonality among different groups.

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Building Trust

Learning to trust begins with effective communication, wholehearted collaboration, and authentic connection. Techniques and strategies that incorporate these skills are introduced through a series of practical, hands-on activities that enable participants to experience a greater sense of safety, trust and community.

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Practicing Mindfulness

Mindfulness is experiencing the present moment with awareness, acceptance, and non-judgment. Mindfulness has scientifically proven health benefits. Incorporating mindfulness into our daily lives is a gift to ourselves and those around us. This workshop uses hands-on techniques that focus on incorporating mindfulness to relax and reduce stress through breath work, visualization and movement. We will practice various, easily accessible meditation styles. Take the time to appreciate the splendor of savoring the present moment.

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You are a beautiful example of the perfect balance of body, spirit and mind!” Paula, Brazil

You are a perfect model to follow. Awesome teacher and person. Thank you very much, Camila, Colombia

You’re honestly one of the best teachers I’ve ever seen. The passion that you give during your lessons is just awesome.” Andres, Chile